The North Fork Box


About Us

The North Fork has changed so much over the years. Our goal is to support local businesses and introduce newcomers to the beauty of the area. The North Fork is a gift to all who have come to know it, for one day, a vacation, or even if you are a full time resident. This box is a gift that comes full circle – from us, to the giver, to the receiver and from and for all the participating vendors.

Started by two long time friends, Maria & Carolina who see the North Fork through two different viewpoints. Maria has been spending Summers here since the age of five and now owns a home with her husband in East Marion. She introduced Carolina to the area, and with each trip the North Fork memories were made and the inevitable pull of the North Fork began.

Our wish is that the box will be a delightful reminder of all that makes the North Fork special. Everyday in the North Fork is a new discovery and a chance to be close to and experience the people places and things with a feeling of serenity, surrounded by nature.



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Nov 15, 2017 - The North Fork Box launches local subscription service.